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A Guide To The Local

As The Local approaches a new season, we have created your one-stop shop for all things Local. Whether you want to know what it looks like to be a Resident Vendor or learn about the 'Top 10 Tricks for Your First Market,' this guide will help you fully experience all that The Local has to offer.

Who We Are: The Importance of Artisans

The Local isn't your everyday market or craft show. All items featured at The Local and displayed by our dedicated vendors are handmade, high-quality goods. We want every experience you have at The Local to not only highlight our vendors but also open up the door to unique products you can't find anywhere else.

Who Are Resident Vendors?

Resident Vendors are vendors of The Local who secure their spot for all 12 markets of the season. You will start to notice that certain vendors have a spot in the lineup week after week. Chances are, they are a Resident Vendor for that season. Although every market during a season features different vendors and varies from week to week, our Resident Vendors create consistency and variety during all of the 12 markets. These vendors also span across categories including produce, bath and beauty, leather and wood, interactive, home goods, and much more. Resident Vendors are a large part of what makes The Local unique. You will find that they are more than willing to strike up a conversation about why they adore being a Resident Vendor!

Ten Tips for Your First Market

We want you to get the most out of every market! Here are ten tips to help you relax, enjoy, and take advantage of a flourishing community of artisans.

1. Stay Hydrated & Nourished

Held each week of the season from 4-7pm, The Local is the perfect place to come peruse with friends, grab a drink or a snack from our wonderful vendors and food trucks, and relax. Whether surviving a typical Texas summer or soaking up the sweet breeze during fall, there is plenty to enjoy while keeping yourself hydrated and nourished.

2. Spin-to-Win

Take advantage of our prizes each week of the season! Every season, prizes from Lake Walk, The Local, and vendors will be available to win through our Spin-to-Win wheel. Prizes will be given out each hour to participants while supplies last. If you don't win one of our items of the week, don't worry! We will be hosting our Spin-to-Win giveaways each week, so stop by anytime on Tuesdays from 4-7pm and try your luck at the wheel.

3. Blaze Your Own Trail

There are multiple parking lots around Lake Walk that connect our market to landmarks like the Observation Tower and innovative businesses such as Kanji, Woodhouse Spa, and The Stella Hotel. See the sights as you make your way to The Local on Tuesdays. Keep reading to access our helpful parking map!

4. Bring Extra Hands for Your Haul

It's safe to say that most experiences are better with friends and family, but especially at The Local! With over 20 vendors and Lake Walk attractions all around, you'll want to invite the whole gang to come and relax. For Local veterans who have collected many of our totes, we encourage you to bring the previous season's tote bags for your haul! There's never a dull moment at The Local and you will find there is truly something for everyone.

5. You Guessed It…Tote Bags!

Each season, The Local will have new tote bag designs that will be given out through our Spin-to-Win wheel every hour from 4-7pm on Tuesdays. There are a limited number of tote bags given per market, so please plan accordingly for your best chance to win. If you don't win one of our totes bags on a Tuesday, don't worry! Tote bags will be available to win throughout the season while supplies last.

6. Bring Your Furry Friends

No need to leave anyone at home, leashed pets are always welcome at Lake Walk! The Local is the perfect pet-friendly place to come relax and enjoy. With walkable trails around the lake and pet waste stations, you and your furry friend will have the best time each week.

7. Need a Pick-Me-Up? POV and Campfire Bar

The Local is also a great place to grab a coffee from POV Coffee House or a cocktail from Campfire Bar and enjoy the unique shopping experience. Serving a variety of coffees, teas, and snacks to fuel your day, POV is just a short walk away from the happenings at The Local. Next door at The Stella Hotel, you will find Campfire Bar with beer, wine, and cocktails for a luxurious experience.

8. Dinner at Kanji and Campfire

Experience The Local and Lake Walk's restaurants in any order that suits you! Kanji Sushi Bar offers an irresistible menu for any sushi lover that will be sure to keep you coming back for more. Campfire at The Stella Hotel provides the perfect Texas experience with just the right smoke and seasonings. Dinner at Lake Walk has never been easier with options for everyone!

9. Meet Our Talented Artisans

Whether you're stopping by on your way home from work or staying for the entirety of the market, our artisans would love to chat with you! All of our vendors share a passion for their craft and you will find that there is never a dull moment when talking with them. They are not only product experts, but storytellers who have a knack for making personal connections. With just one time at The Local, you will experience a unique and heartwarming community.

10. Don't Miss The Howdy Challenge

Destination Bryan's Howdy Challenge is giving you the opportunity to say "Howdy" to Bryan, Texas while earning the chance to win a prize! From now until October 15th, you can download a free mobile passport featuring a collection of top things to do, events, and businesses in Bryan. If you check in to at least 12 of the attractions featured, then you will be entered to win 1 of 12 $500 pre-paid gift cards! Download your mobile passport today to start exploring Bryan, Texas.

Helpful Parking Map

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