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This Week at The Local - 4/18

Keep reading for this week's featured resident vendor, Texas U.S Farms, and tomorrow's vendor lineup!

Resident Vendor - Texas U.S Farms

Rachel Leveridge

Rachel has been a part of The Local since our first Holiday Night Bazaar back in 2021! As a family-owned farm in Iola, the Leveridge family uses sustainable farming practices to bring the best local produce to the community. Utilizing organic aquaponic methods, they grow produce all year long!

"My favorite part of The Local is the family atmosphere that makes all locals feel supported and welcome!"

To get a wider variety of produce and specialty items delivered directly to your door, subscribe to a Freshbox-CSA! There's even an option to pick up your box while shopping at our market.

Vendor Lineup

Here is the lineup of all the vendors at The Local tomorrow! Check our Instagram @thelocalbcs for the most up-to-date information about the market.

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