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This Week at The Local - March 15, 2022

Let's try this again! After a weather cancellation last week, we're finally kicking off our Spring 2022 season this Tuesday, March 15th. We are so excited to welcome back so many of our favorite friendly faces and add some new ones!

The Local will run for 11 Tuesdays from now through May 24th and is open from 4-7pm. Each week will feature a unique vendor lineup.

Keep scrolling for a few helpful tips and tricks, and this week's giveaway featuring Glow In the Dark Arts!

Tips for attending The Local

Early bird gets the worm (or tote!)

At every market we give away 50 custom, reusable Local tote bags and they run out quick! Showing up when we open at 4pm almost always guarantees that you can snag one of our free cute tote bags. It is also not uncommon for our vendors to sell out of their produce/products, especially on busy markets like the first one, so by getting there early you can also get a bigger variety of products to choose from.

However, keep in mind we are open until 7pm! if you are unable to get to market right at 4pm don't fret - there will still be plenty of wonderful products to see and buy.

Try something new

Don’t forget to explore. The Local offers a variety of different types of vendors. Challenge yourself to try at least one new vendor each week! Who knows? You might just find your new favorite item.

Get to know the vendors

Each vendor has a unique and inspiring story about how and why they started their business and created their products. Not only are the vendors there to promote and sell their products, but they are also there to get to know their customers, so don't be shy to ask questions and get to know the awesome people behind these amazing products.

Enter the giveaway

Each week we feature one of our amazing vendors and give away some of their products. You can't win if you don't enter!

Sign up for your chance to win a couple sugar scrubs and a glow in the dark bookmark.

The giveaway entry is only open at The Local during operating hours. To sign up, simply head to the welcome table at the Lake Walk tent and scan the QR code or head to the highlighted vendor where they will also have a QR code giveaway form.

Q & A With Owner, Ashleigh Torres

How long has your business been in operation?

1 year

How did you get started?

The business started with an obsession with my dog Spencer and a love for crafting. The business just grew from there.

What products can customers expect from you?

Shimmer candles, Glow in the dark bookmarks, watercolor journals, wax melts, goats milk soaps, glow in the dark tumblers

What is your favorite product you offer?

Our hand-bound watercolor journals are my all time favorite product but our antique metal glow in the dark bookmarks are a close second

What is one thing customers might not know about you/your business that you'd like them to know?

all of our products offer a special surprise

Why do you think people should visit The Local?

It is such a fun and friendly experience and of course the dogs

Fun Fact: Glow In The Dark Arts was previously named Golden Mountain Mutts.


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