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This Week at The Local - November 1, 2022

This week's market is perfect for gift shopping with Ring Day and the holidays just around the corner. Many of our vendors also do custom orders, so don't be shy to try some samples and ask for some business cards!

This is also our last month of the Fall season, so stock up on your favorite vendors or come on out if you haven't had the chance yet.

This Week's Giveaway

This week's Art of Self Care basket is sponsored by Home Sweet Henna, The Modern Alchemy, and The Nerdi Yogini.

To sign up for your chance to win, visit our table during The Local from 4:00 - 7:00 PM this Tuesday, November 1st. Scroll down to read more about about our sponsors and for this week's vendor lineup!

About Home Sweet Henna

Jennie started Home Sweet Henna but honed her art for several years after finding inspiration from trips to Nepal and India where she received henna from friends. In addition to body art, she also sells fresh henna cones and kits, decorative planters, holiday items, and anything else that will hold still! Her passion will always lie in creating henna body art as it is fruit of her genuine love of henna and the connection it brings. Henna is celebratory in nature so its fitting that you can book her for parties from 2-30 people, but The Local is reason enough for a celebration.

Jennie thinks you should visit The Local because, "it's a great chance to see what local artists and business owners offer. [Unlike] Etsy at The Local you can see, touch, taste, and smell all the beautiful handmade items."

About The Modern Alchemy

Erin started The Modern Alchemy three years ago but got started in cosmetic formulation when she was just 14. She learned a lot about how important taking care of your skin can be and started dabbling with small batches and now has transformed into making a variety of bath and body provisions with a large fragrance variety. She knows her formulations are chemistry, but the art of transforming ordinary materials into incredible products such as her Special Needs Lotion or Breathe Easy Shower Soothers, two of her favorites, has a touch of magic that feels like alchemy. As a one women company, she prides herself on her experience, versatility, and promise to only add ingredients that make the products better. This promise is exemplified by the fact that she throughly trials all of her products on herself and her family before packaging it for yours. She's currently formulating this years batch of gorgeous hand painted geode bath bombs that make show stopping stocking stuffers and debuting shower bombs! Think you'd enjoy being an alchemist? Erin does Lab parties where you pick the product and she guides you through your own transformative experience.

Erin thinks you should visit The Local because we are "a fantastic market with great ambiance. You can find a huge variety of local artisans showing off their crafts and treats. I also want to remind you that behind every purchase you make is a happy dance, because YOU are helping to keep their dream alive."

About The Nerdi Yogini

Julie started The Nerdi Yogini the same year we started The Local (2017) and has been creating or crafting her entire life. She's always known she can't keep everything she makes, and we are so grateful to enjoy her wares. "Soft and Squishy" is what she loves to make! This means lots of sea creatures such as octopi and jellyfish; but also, mushrooms, bats and everything else that fits her spooky and cottagecore aesthetic. For cooler weather(like now!) she also makes beanies, shawls, and scarves. Mini mushroom terrariums are her favorite craft but her cuttlefish have a special place in her heart. As a current PhD student, this hobby turned business is the perfect rest and relaxation from her studies. Looking for something one of a kind? Julie also does custom orders and still has openings for this holiday season!

Julie thinks you should visit The Local because, "it's such a lovely place where a bunch of local makers get together to share their different offerings. I've met so many wonderful people here, and we honestly are a huge group of friends. Everyone is so nice, and since we have such a diverse group of makers, there's always something for everyone to purchase no matter what kinds of items they like!"

This Week's Lineup

Here's the full vendor list, and we can't wait to see you there!


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