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This Week at The Local - November 22, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As this will be our penultimate Tuesday market, The Local staff thanks each and every one of you for all the support you bring to our artisans and our market.

This week we are featuring several of our vendors to share some of the things we are grateful for this holiday season.

This Week's Giveaway

This week's Thankful for You basket is sponsored by a wide variety of vendors to express our gratitude for your support this season. Additionally, we are giving away a Holiday Turkey from Always Cravin' Pit BBQ to be the centerpiece of your next gathering.

Instead of our usual entry, we decided to add a festive twist with our Wishbone Raffle Cards! There are three challenges to complete to earn your entry into this cornucopia of a giveaway with the opportunity for two additional bonus entries. Winner will be randomly selected and live streamed on our Instagram so tune in Wednesday @thelocalbcs as I reveal the winner!

To sign up for your chance to win, visit our table during The Local from 4:00 - 7:00 PM this Tuesday, November 22nd. Scroll down to read more about about our vendors and for this week's vendor lineup!

Thankful Words from Our Vendors

Name: Louella

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Stuffing of course!

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Going around the table sharing what we are most thankful for

Most Thankful for this Year: My husband and children. Love them to the moon and back! They are always my biggest cheerleaders. They have been by my side helping with markets, products and helping with our goats. Also thankful for all our continued and new customers helping us grow Triple L Glamour Goat Company.

Recommended Product for the Holidays: All out goat milk lotions, but especially Triple L Healing Hands

Name: Jim

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Tomahawk Stake & all the Fixins

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Praying for our Country

Most Thankful for this Year: New Elections with Christians Principles

Recommended Product for the Holidays: Roasted Garlic Oil

Name: Larry and Mandy

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Leftover Turkey Dressing, Cranberry, and Gravy Roll Omelette

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Guessing which door to leave unlocked for their favorite aunt to show up early Thanksgiving morning

Most Thankful for this Year: The success of What's Good and the support from fellow vendors such as, Always Cravin' Pitt BBQ. Especially the support from our customers who walk up to our tent to enjoy some ice cream and laugh for a minute

Recommended Product for the Holidays: Thanksgiving Roadie which is a gift box of six ice cream sandwiches to share (or not!)

Name: Isabel

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Mashed Potatoes

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: My dad giving my sister and I the best pieces of the turkey as he carves

Most Thankful for this Year: The love of my husband, family, friends and my 3 fur babies.

Recommended Product for the Holidays: The "I ❤️ Texas" Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Cookie Cake

Name: Analeigh and Rob

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Squash Casserole or Pecan Pie

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Waking up early to watch the Thanksgiving parade, watching a Hallmark movie, and then we break out the Christmas decorations and start stringing the Christmas lights on the house.

Most Thankful for this Year: This year I’m especially thankful for the time I get to spend with my family and friends who encourage, love, and support me living out my dream being a baker in my own way.

Recommended Product for the Holidays: Grandma’s Carrot Cake Blondie we fix for our own Thanksgiving

Name: Artisans of The BEE Community

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: DESSERT!

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Simply being with family

Most Thankful for this Year:

- Adam: for the opportunity to sell at the Local

- Emily: friends and family

- Cody: cows

- Matt: mom and Glee

- Ryan: Texas A&M football

- Meri: pottery

- Adam: meeting friends

- Olivia: friends at the BEE Community

- Volunteer of the BEE Community: energy fun and friendliness of BEE

Recommended Product for the Holidays: Specialized Christmas Gift Box!

This Week's Lineup

Here's the full vendor list, and we can't wait to see you there!


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