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This Week at The Local - October 4, 2022

Hey Siri, play "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood.

The weather is cooling off and our giveaways are heating up with this week's collaboration between two of our Resident Vendors: Bumblebee Glass and Crafts & Corner Tang Wood Crafts.

Also, if you've noticed some hay and pumpkins that grew overnight with some Sanderson magic, check back here next week for more details about our Fall Photo Pop-up.

Scroll down to read more about about Bumblebee Glass and Crafts, Corner Tang Wood Crafts and our Host with the Most Basket Giveaway. As always, read all the way through for this week's vendor lineup!

About Bumblebee Glass and Crafts

Linda started as Bumblebee Glass five years ago selling primarily etched wine bottles and glasses. She started adding some more crafts during COVID by making masks to help supply the community for BCS. She made her first rope basket because her husband was waking her up early to help find his glasses, keys, ID, and what-nots. Her first baskets sits proudly at her husbands work desk and now she weaves clothesline and other fabrics into the amazing creations found at her market booth.

Her inspiration for her baskets come from the world around her. Bumblebees hold a special place in her heart; and so does, her Bumblebee basket with hand sewn yellow and black glass beads that almost look like their buzzing round and round. Linda, born in Germany, attributes her "craftiness" from her adoptive mother who had a craft filled home and the memories they share.

Linda loves The Local because "Where else in Bryan College Station can you, on a Tuesday evening stroll around, meet friends, eat great treats, and find something new and unique?" She will be with us all season, but also does special orders and ships to those who might not be able to see us on Tuesdays.

About Corner Tang Wood Crafts

Christina started selling her wares in 2016, but has been crafting wooden items in her local workshop for the last 26 years. Woodwork has always been therapeutic for her and once her family and friend's homes were full of handmade furniture and gifts she decided to share her craft with the rest of the community. Her philosophy is that "as artists, we have ideas on the inside that need to be manifested outside." She hopes you like her "outside the box" boxes, charcuterie boards, and chess boards as much as she likes making them!

Her wooden boxes are her staple made from one of 16 different types of wood (ask her to tell you about the wood its so worth it) and lids made with colorful acrylic paints and resin. Her charcuterie boards and chess boards are new additions but the detail in the staining and chess pieces is stunning.

Christina says you should come to The Local, "to check out the creativity of the community in and around Bryan/College Station and to just enjoy being outside."

This Week's Giveaway

This Host with the Most basket is stocked with everything you need for any gatherings this fall. Christina has donated one of her newer items: a charcuterie board made from Purple Heart Maple wood, but if you ask me that heart beats maroon. Linda has donated two of her woven items: a generously sized sunflower basket and a set of Halloween inspired coasters. Thank you so much to these two for sponsoring this week's giveaway!

To sign up for your chance to win, visit our table during The Local artisan market from 4:00 - 7:00pm this Tuesday, October 4th. It'll be a fun afternoon with vendors, food, and friends from all over the Bryan/College Station area.

Here's the full vendor list, and we can't wait to see you there!

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