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This Week at The Local - September 13, 2022

I'm so excited to welcome back our Fall market season! Alysha and I have been working hard to make this one of our most exciting season yet, so you won't want to miss a single show.

Tomorrow we have a very special guest visiting us and bringing with him sweet, rich 100% pure Vermont maple syrup. Ladies and gentleman, let's give a good ol' Texas "Howdy" to Don and Margaret with Green Mountain Maple!

Scroll down to read about Green Mountain Maple and the very special giveaway they are sponsoring this week. We also have the full vendor lineup, so you can plan the perfect first market haul.

About Green Mountain Maple

Don and Margaret began perfecting their maple craft after completing careers in human services. This dynamic duo travels across the country in their Green Mountain Maple Fleet: a 1965 Ford Econoline Window Van, named "Scooby" and a 1961 International Harvester Metro Van, lovingly referred to as "The Old Sap Bucket."

Their maple syrup is sourced from award winning Echo Hill Farm in Craftsbury, Vermont. According to their FAQ, what makes this maple syrup so special is the trees and environment that produces it. Vermont is home to sugar maple trees which thrive in the mineral rich soil and weather conducive to a longer harvest season. Vermont is the nation's leading producer of maple syrup and has very strict guidelines, so this is unlike any maple syrup available at your standard grocery store.

We cannot thank Don and Margaret enough for choosing us as a stop on their cross-country, maple syrup spreading tour. Giving us a taste of their northeastern hospitality, Green Mountain Maple is giving away one quart of his 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup to commemorate their time in Bryan/College Station.

To sign up for your chance to win a quart of maple syrup, come visit our table during The Local artisan market from 4:00pm-7:00pm this Tuesday, September 13th. It'll be a fun afternoon with vendors, food, and friends from all over the Bryan/College Station area.

Here's the full vendor list, and it is definitely FULL with over 30 vendors to help us kickoff the season!

This first few weeks of September have really flown by, but I look forward to meeting some of you tomorrow. You are absolutely welcome to come chat with me at our table by the market and let's get excited because this is just the beginning of an amazing season!

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