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This Week at The Local - September 20, 2022

Who's ready for round two? Last week was a huge success, but true to our Texas nature we always strive for bigger and better.

This week I want to highlight two longstanding Local vendors who have collaborated to put together our Sweet and Spicy giveaway basket! Jeffery and Samantha have been with The Local far longer than I have and it shows in their stellar customer relations and products.

Scroll down to read more about about Bayou Beaux Beez and Sweet Station and the very giveaway they are sponsoring this week. Our vendor lineup changes weekly, so be sure to check which of our friends are returning this week.

About Bayou Beaux Beez

Barbecue and grilling during family reunions and on the weekends were a way of life for Jeffrey “Beez” Beasley growing up in Zwolle, Louisiana. Today Jeff and his wife Keisha Beasley are carrying on the family tradition by creating creole grilling sauces, rubs, seasonings, and homemade desserts that demonstrate the best of Louisiana’s unique cuisine. From the barbecue sauces to our homemade cakes, their love for cooking has long been admired at gatherings by their close family and friends where they grilled and shared their culinary talents. Every sauce, rub, seasoning, and dessert that they create are tributes to family members.

About Sweet Station

Originally Mas Cookies, Samantha started her confectionary craft with her passion for cookies in seasonal and signature varieties. Now as Sweet Station, she has expanded to also creating candies in a variety of sweet and sour flavors. My favorite newest addition to her market display is a candy wall where you can dispense your own selection of candies. Samantha crafts her cookies and candies with a sense of fun and freedom that pairs so perfectly with her inspired and creative personality.

Sweet and Spicy Giveaway Basket

Our Sweet and Spicy giveaway basket contains 1 jar of Sam Sam's Simple seasoning from Jeff; as well as, an assortment of candy and cookies from Samantha. Thank you both so much for sponsoring this treat for one lucky market attendee.

To sign up for your chance to win , come visit our table during The Local artisan market from 4:00pm-7:00pm this Tuesday, September 20th. It'll be a fun afternoon with vendors, food, and friends from all over the Bryan/College Station area.

Here's the full vendor list, and we can't wait to see you there!

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