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Tips & Tricks for Success at The Local

Looking to become a vendor at The Local? Here's a little advice from The Local Team for what we look for when recruiting new vendors to the market!

We also sat down with some of your favorite vendors to learn more about their experience with The Local and what advice they had to offer.

Advice from The Local team

1. Storytelling

The Local is all about showcasing local artisans and their talented work. When looking for new vendors, we look to see how your product was made and why it was created. Everyone has a story and we want to hear your's!

2. Handcrafted

Handcrafted to us means products you are making, creating, or growing. This can be a hard line to draw when it comes to adding your own artistic styling onto a manufactured item; however, we do not allow MLMs, vintage reselling, vinyl custom items, shrinky dink, 3D printed, or digitally designed products. Evaluation of products is up to the discretion of the current Market Manager.

3. Social Media Presence

A social media presence for a new business is recommended because it helps build brand awareness and increase your customer base. Using tools like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can help you reach a variety of demographics. As you gain customers from markets such as The Local or private events, maintaining a social media presence will help you connect with current customers.

4. Branding

Branding your business can be more than the way you make your labels or pack your merchandise. Your brand identifies who you are as a business and reflects your values and your mission. When branding your business, think outside the box to find ways you can stand out from your competitors. Have a creative and unique business name that draws attention and clearly reflects your brand. Put your personality into it.

5. Photography

Having good photos of your products helps guests find and see your products clearly and makes your products more appealing. They do not have to be done by a professional photographer by any means. Having a clean background and good lighting will set you up for success. *hot tip- show your product in everyday use

Advice from current vendors at The Local

"I always tell new businesses: there’s always room at the table. I can say quite frankly, there’s a bunch of candle businesses in town. Candle businesses are literally everywhere, you can’t get away from it. BUT everyone offers their own style, their own ways of doing things, and their own originality. There’s always room for another no matter what line of business you’re in, just make sure you’re doing it YOUR way and not in the image of another"

-Devia Dunham (Rainy Day Candle Co.)

"Always engage with people... Stand up and greet them. Love what you do and share that love with people you talk to."

-Linda Rippingham (Bumblebee Glass and Crafts)

"Surround yourself with positive supportive folks. Always believe in yourself and your passion. If you do that you'll always be successful."

-Louella LeBlanc (Triple L Glamour Goat Co.)

"Develop partnerships and relationships with as many local businesses!"

- Samuel Kotch & Kassandra Espinoza (S.O.S. Cotton Candy)

"Just start! Find a passion and go for it even if it is starting small that is the hardest part."

- Lauren & Lexi Lindemulder (Beaded Blondes)

"No matter how big you get, never stop doing farmer markets so you can always connect with your customers"

-Shane Nobles (Pain Train Salsa)


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