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This Month at The Local - 6/18

Updated: Jun 17


The sun is shining just a little bit brighter this June, as we welcome the start of summer and another month at The Local! Join us on June 18th, from 7-10 PM. Bring your crew to shop for summer essentials, and have fun in the relaxing atmosphere at Lake Walk! Our lineup features over 20 vendors from across the Brazos Valley selling artisan products, and live music from Charlie Weyler. Keep reading to meet this month's featured vendor!👀


This Month's Lineup


Shan's Hands Creations

Shan's Hands Creations creates one-of-a-kind, unique pieces that serve to enhance the natural beauty of her customers. With care and dedication, Shaundra crafts each piece with hopes of it being worn and enjoyed. Jewelry that is curated with bright colors, fun designs, and joy is an unbeatable experience.

Shan's Hands Creations strives to create a community for her customers to partake in, and continue to experience. With pieces that are fan favorites, or introducing new pieces, she makes sure each customer has something they will feel beautiful in. With over 3 seasons spent at The Local, Shaundra continues to share a talent that brings her joy.

"My favorite part of The Local is the sense of community, both vendors and customers. I have truly made some life-long friends that I have met at The Local." - Shaundra Hinson


First time at The Local? Here's a helpful parking map for navigating your time at Lake Walk



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